These Are the Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2022

(February 08, 2022 )

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen in the upcoming year, you want to make sure that the changes you’re making feel timely and on-trend.

  • Upgraded countertops. 35 percent of homeowners splurged on upgrading their countertops—with engineered quartz (42 percent) and granite (24 percent) being the most popular countertop materials.
  • High-tech appliances. 27 percent of homeowners upgrade their appliances during the kitchen renovation process—and 35 percent of those homeowners opt for appliances with high-tech features (like smart refrigerators), a six percent increase from 2021’s data.
  • Larger kitchen islands. Kitchen islands have been on-trend for years—but this year, the trend is all about larger islands. According to the data, 39 percent of homeowners are building kitchen islands that stretch 7 feet or longer—up five percentage points from 2021.