Planning to Buy a Home? These Savings Strategies Will Help You Save Up for Your Home Purchase

(March 16, 2022)

If you’re planning on buying a home, you need to save up for your down payment and to cover closing costs. But saving can be tough—and if you want to save up enough money to purchase a home, you need a plan.But what, exactly, should that plan entail?

  • Set up a home savings account—and set up automatic payments. If you’re saving for a home, you’ll want to set up a savings account specifically for you... read more.

Selling Soon? Here’s a Home Feature That Will Appeal to Many Buyers

(March 16, 2022)

People who are thinking of selling their house often wonder what they can do to increase its appeal to buyers. The goal of doing so is fairly obvious: maximize profit and minimize time on the market.Many think that updating their kitchen or bathrooms, or even adding an addition, will do the trick. In a sense, they will. If you do a major renovation or addition, it’ll surely increase how much your... read more.

These Are the Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2022

(February 08, 2022)

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen in the upcoming year, you want to make sure that the changes you’re making feel timely and on-trend.

  • Upgraded countertops. 35 percent of homeowners splurged on upgrading their countertops—with engineered quartz (42 percent) and granite (24 percent) being the most popular countertop materials.
  • High-tech appliances. 27 percent of homeowners upgrade their a... read more.

Organization Tips for your Kitchen

(February 02, 2022)

Create storage zones

Group items in your kitchen by their function. In this cooking space, a stand mixer tucks in the corner by the refrigerator, and shelves above house mixing bowls and baking necessities. On the opposite side of the refrigerator, a breakfast prep zone has all morning must-haves: shelves with bowls and glasses, coffee mugs, and canisters of cereal.

7 DIY Projects to Undertake If You Want to Improve Your House’s Value in 2022

(February 02, 2022)

Make a good first impression

“Your entryway or foyer can be an incredibly important place when it comes to the value of your home, as it sets the entire tone for the rest of the space,” says Toronto-based interior designer Ali Budd. “Invest in beautiful tile and gorgeous lighting. Make sure the closets are done perfectly with a combination of hanging shelves and drawers. Typically, doors throughout... read more.